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28 Jun, 2014

Gary Oldman and outraged Hollywood – In the West, courage is now an outrage

Everybody has the right to tackle political correctness, given that he keeps telling politically correct stuff.

He is demonized since he talked to famous magazine Playboy. He talked too much, too frankly and the problem is that he had acknowledged that imprudence even during the interview! Since then he can’t stop excusing himself for his “outrageous comments” and I believe Gary Oldman is wrong. The comments were not outrageous. They were courageous, and we know that in the West, courage is nowadays an outrage.

Yet Gary Oldman is not the first star to shock and challenge western political correctness agenda. This agenda has grown totalitarian and insane. But it was challenged by such great names as John Wayne in the past (responding too to Playboy in 1972), Marlon Brando (talking to Larry King in 1996), and recently by Brian Ferry, Lars von Trier and of course Roger Waters. Pink Floyd star was demonized too because he is a proud fan of the Palestinians. All these great names who risk a lot financially are much more courageous than, say, old witch Madonna, younger witch Lady Gaga or the current pope Francis…

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