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4 May, 2014

UAE: Not-so-great Britain? How the London hotel hammer attack hurt ‘Brand UK’

Two consecutive attacks on UAE nationals visiting London in recent weeks have left several scars: horrific physical ones (such as those left on the victims of the atrocious Cumberland Hotel “Hammer Attack”) as well as reputational scars which are worsened by increasing questions on whether or not London is still the popular tourist destination that it once was among UAE tourists, and Arab visitors in general.

However, a new YouGov study, commissioned for this website, has shown that both the physical and reputational scars are far from healing, especially when it comes to the perception of ‘brand UK’ amongst UAE nationals and residents.

A staggering 52 percent of UAE nationals included in the poll have said that they don’t feel the UK is safe and 32 percent of UAE nationals say they are now unlikely to visit the UK for their next holiday.

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