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3 May, 2014

Palestine: Peace by piece – By S. Nihal Singh, The Asian Age

The truth is that Israel has been using the façade of talks to go on encroaching on more and more Palestinian land on the West Bank and in occupied East Jerusalem confident in the knowledge that its friends in the US Congress and Senate will back it, apart from the influential American Jewish lobby.

Mr Kerry on his part was sincere in seeking a workable compromise but had little room for manoeuvre between President Barrack Obama who had burnt his fingers on the issue and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu with his uncompromising stand.

Much to Mr Kerry’s embarrassment, a leaked warning he gave to Israelis, among others, in a private conversation that a repudiation of a two-state solution would result in Israel becoming an apartheid state lost him more friends at home. In any event, the Israel-Palestinian process which does not deserve the adjective peace will hibernate for a time.

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