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28 Apr, 2014

People’s Daily Editorial: Asia’s “trust deficit” will hurt regional progress

People's Daily Online

April 27, 2014 – In the course of almost 70 years that have passed since the second world war, no one can overlook the birth of a new Asia, where the rise of industrialized countries and regions, as well as burgeoning emerging markets, has created a powerful engine for global economic growth.

However, we can also not turn a blind eye to the fact that imbalance of development still prevails in the region. The vitality of economic development in Asia has not been matched by close political cooperation, especially in East Asia where political mutual trust is uncommon.

After years of high-speed development, East Asia is seeing its economic growth slowing down, although it still far exceeds that of the major Western developed countries. So the question is: what does Asia need at this time of adjustment?

Obviously, candid dialogue, only possible when history is faced honestly, is a must considering the deficit of trust in the region. Because a lack of trust inevitably affects regional economic cooperation, it is almost certain that new potential in investment and trade cooperation, as well as the establishment of free trade zones, will be unleashed once this barrier is removed.

Meanwhile, it would be unwise to form cliques in an attempt to advance the interests of individual countries.

As a major power of some consequence in the Asia Pacific, the United States should be able to see the long-term benefit of a common security and trust mechanism adapted to the characteristics of the region. Sincerity and efforts to promote peace and development on its side will not only yield greater peace dividends, but also turn it into a force that is welcomed by other Asian countries.

If, on the contrary, it chooses to stand on the sidelines and watch while some country pushes the region into trouble, it will not only be failing to safeguard its own interests and those of its allies, but also outstaying its welcome in Asia.

The article is edited and translated from 《亚洲不能坐视信任赤字扩大》, Source: People’s Daily Overseas Edition, Author: Shen Dingli.