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18 Apr, 2014

MH370: Where’s the outrage over the information void? – The Hindu

By K.S. Narendran

As I look back over the 40 days since the day MH370 sent out its last pings, I sense fatigue. It is as if all that had to be discussed has been done repeatedly and all the consolation that had to be offered has been exhausted. Yet, we are no closer to knowing what really happened to MH370, and where it is. We are nowhere near knowing how to prevent the occurrence of such a tragedy when another plane takes to the skies. What are my concerns, beyond the personal and familial, of the immediate future? It would appear that MH370 is just about the passengers and their affected families, friends and colleagues. Many of the newspapers have largely relegated it to some corner — no editorial, no opinion leads, no commentary…nothing. It is the same case with television.

One wonders why. Is it the numbers — ‘just’ 5 Indians? Is it because this did not happen in our backyard? Because there are no conspiracy angles? Nothing to bludge on the government of the day? Isn’t it strange that Indians claim great strides in satellite technology, space missions, oceanography and aviation, and yet we haven’t heard any luminary from these fields make a public statement or raise questions in the media? Isn’t it also strange that India does not exercise its rights under international conventions as a signatory to be represented in investigation processes?

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