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13 Apr, 2014

Snowden and Greenwald: Metadata monitoring more intrusive than eavesdropping — RT News

Whistleblower Edward Snowden and journalist Glenn Greenwald joined forces via video link at an Amnesty International event in the US to speak to a packed hotel ballroom about the dangers of government metadata collection.

Both Snowden and Greenwald stated that governmental collection of metadata – that is, monitoring timings of calls, to whom calls were made, and how long they lasted – is much more intrusive than listening in on calls directly.

“Metadata is what allows an actual enumerated understanding, a precise record of all the private activities in all of our lives. It shows our associations, our political affiliations and our actual activities,” Snowden told the 1,000-strong crowd in Chicago.

Both Snowden and Greenwald received rounds of applause for their appearances, while Snowden’s ‘appearance’ prompted a standing ovation.

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