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18 Apr, 2014

Jewish Voice for Peace Issues Call to Action to Defeat Pro-War Israeli lobby

Editor’s Note: This call to action was issued by Jewish Voice for Peace on 17 April 2014. It is being transmitted onwards by Travel Impact Newswire in solidarity with the message.

Action Alert

Help us defeat AIPAC in just eight days.

AIPAC or JVP? It’s time to show the world who you “Like” more.

Take Action!

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Dear Supporter,


The powerful and the oppressed alike have strong feelings about this pro-war, anti-democracy lobbying group. Well-connected. Intimidating. Fearsome. But… likeable?

With our relatively small budget and our mighty passion for justice, Jewish Voice for Peace just hit 40,000 Facebook “Likes” just minutes ago. On the other hand, AIPAC, with their ginormous budget and mighty passion for Israel’s most egregious policies, just hit 48,000. Defeating AIPAC—at least in online popularity— is within reach.

Help us beat AIPAC and get 8,000 new Facebook “Likes” in the next eight days.

Facebook is a vast, untamed marketplace of ideas where passions run high, attention spans run low, and sometimes, things like Middle East politics get almost as much attention as cute pictures of cats. While cash still makes a difference, it’s a place where bad ideas (like AIPAC’s) just don’t hold up that well.

In this court of public opinion, JVP’s page, with nearly 40,000 “Likes”, has already overtaken the pages of many Israel advocacy organizations with much bigger budgets.

The Israel Action Network has about 1,600 Likes.  J Street has 21,000. And AIPAC? A mere 48,000.

Help us grow our “Likes” by one thousand a day for the next eight days, and show the world whose agenda you “Like” more.

This is more than just fun. AIPAC derives its legitimacy from saying it represents voters.

And although we know you already “Like” us more, if you have a Facebook account, we need you to show it. Even if you already “Like” our page, now we need you to spread the word and ask your friends to “Like” us.

By clicking here, you can help us grow our network, expand our influence, and fight to make sure voices like yours get heard.

Sometimes, just a few clicks can mean a lot.

Plus, this is going to really, really annoy AIPAC.


JVP Social Media Intern