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31 Mar, 2014

Russia thanks West for useful sanctions – English pravda.ru

Lt. Gen. Alexander Mikhailov, a member of the Council on Foreign and Defense Policy, reviewed this issue in a live broadcast of Pravda.Ru.:

Today all of our farms are suffering because we import products from abroad. Maybe we should not relegate our food market to foreign manufacturers or deliver dubious foreign products, but should pay attention to our own agriculture. We are well aware that, in the words of Alexander III, Russia has two reliable allies, the army and navy.

But beyond that there is still such a thing as national identity and the increased ability to survive in any environment. I think that the Americans and the EU overestimate their possibilities. We have enormous financial resources. We have a fairly powerful army, a weapons system. Any threat of sanctions or war at first causes an outburst of patriotic feelings directed towards creation within the country. I do not think that the Americans can scare us. Who did they scare? They scared part of the oligarchic elite, the people who moved their capital from Russia to the West. And we understand that this money does not work for Russia.

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