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26 Mar, 2014

A one-man show all the way: Dileep Padgaonkar – The Times Of India

The adage that you can’t make an omelette without breaking an egg or two is all too apposite in the BJP’s domestic turmoil at present. Given his antecedents in Gujarat, Narendra Modi will do better than break an egg or two. He will ensure that hens who preen their feathers are consigned to a coop of his choosing. And should they dare to peck at him, he will chop off their heads. Witness the plight of L K Advani and Jaswant Singh and other party veterans.

Their fate has evoked pity in some quarters, much angst in some others but also relief and glee among those who regard Modi as someone akin to Kalki – the much-awaited tenth and last incarnation of Vishnu. According to an entry in Benjamin Walker’s ‘Hindu World’, he will appear at end of the present kali-yuga seated on a white horse, holding aloft like a blazing comet, a naked sword or a huge razor-edged axe. His voice will resemble the rolling of thunder, and the rumble of his anger at the inequity of men will spread terror throughout the world. With his weapon he will destroy all wicked beings. A new age will then commence when Vishnu will restore the earth to its pristine purity, and rule over mortals, dispensing justice and ensuring bliss to all righteous men.

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