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31 Jan, 2014

Why the boycott of Israeli Universities is gaining ground – Veterans News Now

Israel bombed the science center of the University of Gaza during the 2009 assault on the Gaza Strip which also killed 1400 residents of Gaza, one third of whom were children. Two of the main universities on the West Bank, Birzeit University and Bethlehem Universities have been closed repeatedly by the Israeli military for extended periods.

Hundreds of military checkpoints, on the West Bank, make travel to and from classes by both students and faculty a difficult matter involving time consuming delays and hours long, and frequently humiliating, queues for trips of only a few miles.

School children are often harassed by settlers who throw stones or spit at or otherwise harass them in their transits to and from schools. These settlers owe their presence in the West Bank and East Jerusalem directly to Israeli policy of state expansion and settlement expansion into occupied territories.

Having observed for some time the behavior of settlers, I am convinced that the Israeli government and the radical settlers have a common purpose – to make life as miserable as possible for the Palestinians living under occupation so as to encourage emigration.

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