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24 Jan, 2014

Children with Disabilities present a unique Ramayana on wheels – The Hindu

If you think that a wheelchair is a sign of disability, watch the children of Ability Unlimited Foundation take to their ‘wheeled legs’, for their knack, talent and aptitude for classical dance and music would make people sitting in the audience feel edgy.

With steely nerves of experiencing the pleasure of fine arts, these “differently abled” persons are all set to present ‘Ramayana on Wheels’ – a moving saga of our famed mythology in dance form, with graceful stories weaved in classical Bharatanatya, Kathak, Sufi and yogic poses for ‘Nirantharam’, a national music and dance festival, of Sangeetha Sambhrama unfolding on January 23 at 6 p.m. at the Chowdiah Memorail Hall. If the hearing or speeches impaired have their bhava perfect in their expressions, those with physical disabilities take to their roles on wheelchairs, their deft and sprightly movements mirroring their painstaking training and practice.

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