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26 Jan, 2014

Copenhagen: The Happy Capital – The Guardian

Copenhagen is the happiest city in the world, but why? Is it the parks, the city beaches, safe cycling or award-winning food? Locals tell The Guardian where visitors can tap into the city’s happy vibe.

Copenhageners are really opening up. Culturally Danes are not as restrained as other Scandinavian countries and you see that in the gastronomy here. I have a great local Thai place, Ranee’s, or if I want sushi I’ll go to Selfish near where I live, or for drinks, Harbor Bar.

If you are hunting for happiness, it’s better to come in the summer and it’s important to get out of the city centre and go to the Bridge Quarters. Because the sun is rare, Danes really squeeze the last ray out of it, so as soon as it hits in April they are out in the parks and cafes, even though it’s not really warm enough. I especially like Assistens cemetery, which is between where I live and my restaurants: visitors get a bit surprised, because locals use it like a park. You get topless sunbathers there in summer, which can be a bit odd with Hans Christian Andersen’s grave nearby, but I think that shows the Danish mentality, the laid-backness.

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