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4 Dec, 2013

Waiting for Greenwald: Why India can’t stay mute on NSA spying – Hindustan Times

No person in recent memory has succeeded in creating one big misunderstanding within the global policy elite as Edward Snowden, the NSA whistleblower who has drawn attention to US’s spying activities across the world. These include gathering metadata about emails and phone calls, gaining access to personal communications of millions of users, breaking encryption that keeps private data safe and monitoring the phone conversations of 35 world leaders.

The Snowden leaks have provoked bilateral dust ups across the world. The latest is between Indonesia and Australia following revelations that the latter (as part of a US-led spying network) was tapping the phones of President Susilo Yudhoyono, his wife and members of his cabinet. Jakarta demanded an apology, recalled its Ambassador and declared that bilateral relations with Australia will not fully resume unless a new “protocol and code of ethical conduct” is agreed between both countries.

Brazil, France and Germany were earlier outraged by revelations of NSA’s phone tapping of their citizens. President Dilma Roussef cancelled a state dinner with President Obama in October, France demanded an explanation while Germany called US tapping of Angela Merkel’s personal mobile “completely unacceptable” – forcing Obama to personally reassure the Chancellor that her phone will not be tapped (presumably hereon).

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