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25 Dec, 2013

Freedom of Speech: An “Endangered Species” – Pravda.ru

Although most Americans claim to venerate the ideal of “freedom of speech,” when it comes to actual practice there are few purists. “Free speech” purists recognize that defending the right to freedom of speech is not the same as endorsing what a speaker has said; therefore, purists recognize that viewpoints they disagree with should be just as zealously protected as viewpoints they embrace.

Unfortunately, most so-called advocates of “freedom of speech” in America subscribe to four basic rules: 1). Revere freedom of speech when you (overtly or covertly) agree with what is being said, and revile it when you don’t; 2). Do not gauge the “offensiveness” of speech by what was said, but instead by whether it supports or contradicts your political, religious, social, and/or economic agendas; 3). Realize that your hypocrisy will be camouflaged by the failure or refusal of most people to engage their long-term memories; 4). Know that the right to “freedom of speech” is only relevant when one has the political or economic resources to utilize it.

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