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22 Dec, 2013

Democracy, Deception, Deceit – they’re all the same

How many times have you seen a person elected into office on all manner of promises, only breaking those promises immediately after coming to power? In your democratic process, what power/authority do you have to enforce his compliance to promises made? After all, this was a simple contract, a vote for a promise. Don’t tell me it is at the next election because I simply don’t believe you. Barack Obama broke promise after promise in his first term – yet you went ahead and re-elected him for a second – masochism in the extreme. Surely, if a person is elected on a promise(s) and they break that promise or fail to keep it, then natural law would say that was a broken contract and remedies for breach of promise should ensue? You don’t have to look too far back to see examples of it. A young lady, pregnant out of wedlock – “but he promised to marry me!”. [Quaint old customs – eh?].

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