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23 Dec, 2013

Artistic lampooning of Marina Bay Sands | The Jakarta Post

Ken Pattern, a Canadian-born artist who has called Indonesia home for the past 25 years, is renowned for his drawings and stone lithographs that meticulously document the changing urban landscape of Jakarta.

His latest exhibition, “On Marina Bay”, focuses on a very different city: Singapore. The pieces in this collection depict surreal and absurd versions of Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands, an expensive integrated resort and casino complex that opened in 2010.

In one painting, The Wiener Takes All, the building’s upper section is replaced with a giant sausage, while Silverado sees the complex reclaimed by jungle foliage.

In other pieces we see hot-air balloons, circus tents, bananas, enormous sharks, sand dunes and waterfalls. The paintings are bright and playful, with a sharp satirical edge that pokes fun at the excesses of contemporary Singaporean life.

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