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5 Dec, 2013

Another NSA Whistleblower Warns of Surveillance, Hidden Traps in TPP Deal


MOSCOW–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Edward Snowden was not the first major whistleblower the National Security Agency has faced. Before him, there was former senior executive with the NSA Thomas Drake who made major headlines of his own.

In a new exclusive interview with the Voice of Russia, Drake, a former senior executive with the NSA, spoke about his personal experience as a whistleblower after exposing the problems behind the NSA surveillance program. In this three-part interview, Drake also discusses his life after leaving the NSA and his thoughts on the latest disclosures, as well as meeting up with Edward Snowden in Moscow.

  • Part I: “The worst thing in America you can be charged with is espionage,” Drake relives the events of 2010, when he was indicted for espionage by the U.S. Department of Justice, facing 35 years in prison. More here.
  • Part II: In 2011, shortly after beating the espionage case, Drake became the co-recipient of the Sam Adams Associates for Integrity in Intelligence (SAAII), a prize awarded to Edward Snowden earlier this year. Drake presented Snowden with the award in person, in Moscow. More here.
  • Part III: “The U.S. has been penetrated by an extremely secret and extraordinary powerful national security agency, unprecedented in the country’s history,” concludes Drake. “I don’t remember as a subscriber to the Googles and the Yahoos of the world ever having to click on an opt-in button to give permission for the government to have access to everything there is associated with my account.” More here.