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18 Nov, 2013

What’s wrong with today’s younger generation? – The Independent

By Yasmin Alibhai-Brown

I find myself welling up with contempt for middle-class, young adults born in rich nations. Note to young daughter: I don’t mean all of you who are good and great, but the many more who understand nothing and want everything, the me generation.

Perhaps this deep gloom was brought on the latest batch of female stars – Miley Cyrus, Lily Allen and Rihanna, always Rihanna – who, to sell their music, pornify themselves, female performers on their videos and the sacred tenets of feminism. They claim they parody and shame the pop industry by being more filthy than its filthiest fantasies. Go figure. Sex is their answer for the meaning of everything. Children have come to believe that, too, and start sexual activity younger and younger, which is why public health officials want the age of consent lowered to 15.

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