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20 Nov, 2013

There’s a rule book, Modi Saheb – DAWN.COM

After the snooping allegations were made at a press conference at the Press Club in Delhi Friday, a gentleman claiming to be the lady’s father, Pranlal Soni, said the family had long-standing relations with Modi and had asked the Chief Minister to “take care” of her.

The father’s statement confirmed the identity of “saheb” as none other than Narendra Modi. Till the statement came out, the identity of “saheb” could only be speculated upon, but Soni’s statement pointed directly to Chief Minister Modi.

The assertion appeared to be a desperate attempt by the BJP to salvage the reputation of Modi, projected by the party as a squeaky clean man who can do no wrong.

Whatever be the nature of his relationship with the woman he put under surveillance, one thing is clear – given the fact that she’s not an accused or wanted in any case, the snooping was totally illegal.

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