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28 Oct, 2013

No business like war business – DAWN.COM

Humanity has always been fascinated by wars, soldiers, blood, and gore. As a result, children from just about every culture have grown up on a steady diet of heroic battles, deeds, and heroes. So it was only natural for cinema to pick up from where theater and books (and comics) had left off.

The first ever Academy Award for Best Picture in 1929 went to Wings, a flick about pilots of World War One’s US Army Aviation Corps, the predecessor of the modern US Air Force. Naturally, US Army Aviation pilots and planes were used to shoot the aerial combat scenes. Nearly a century later, what was a fledgling cooperation has fully taken off.

Armed forces around the world, just like any corporate entity, care about their image and are willing to spend time and money to ensure that electorates (and taxpayers) have a positive view of them. They want to ensure their budgets grow and also need to work on recruitment and retention. That’s where Hollywood is of great help.

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