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25 Sep, 2013

US soldiers lose a nose for antiques? – English pravda.ru

The events in Syria are alarming not only for the oil market, but also antiques market participants who are familiar with the shocks that emerge in this market segment during invasions of U.S. forces in the Middle East. Pravda.Ru asked experts whether we should expect a collapse in prices for artifacts in connection with their release in the “black market” by the Americans.

Looting is quite common for soldiers of the United States in the countries where they come to ostensibly restore order and peace. This became known after the landing of the soldiers in Iraq. During the Iraq war, the Americans have established cross-border supply of cultural values that subsequently were either kept as trophies or sold to some connoisseurs of rare things.

via US soldiers lose a nose for antiques? – English pravda.ru.