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1 Sep, 2013

Israel main beneficiary of US attack on Syria: Kevin Barrett

The moment this event happened the Israelis began pointing the finger at Assad and saying that they knew exactly what happened and today we got this report from Kerry and if you actually read his report, all of the details are classified, the sources are classified and all the report suggests that the sources pointing the finger at the Syrian government in this chemical weapons attack are coming from Israel.

Israel has the most interest in destabilizing the region and in particular in destabilizing Syria and breaking it up, according to Oded Yinon plan to Balkanize the Middle East and Balkanize Syria along ethnic and sectarian lines.

So this appears to have been a likely false-flag event and nobody is buying it; the British parliament is not buying it, the American military is not buying it, according to the Washington Post, American military officers are lining up against a US attack on Syria.

So, it seems that the strategy of false-flag provocations is perhaps no longer working; let’s hope and pray that in the next few days we will have the warmongers backing off.

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