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3 Aug, 2013

Wikipedia will go ‘secure’ to beat NSA surveillance – Times of India

NEW DELHI: Just days after reports revealed that National Security Agency (NSA) in the US actively looked at what people read on Wikipedia, Wikimedia Foundation announced on its website that it would implement HTTPS for logged-in users. The foundation, a non-profit organization, manages Wikipedia. The S in HTTPS stands for secure.

Two days ago, Guardian newspaper revealed that with the help of a tool called XKeyscore, NSA was monitoring web users who accessed Wikipedia, the world’s 7th most popular website.

Wikimedia said that to start with, it would offer HTTPS connection to all logged-in users from August 21. It will then gradually roll-out HTTPS for all users as well as implement additional security measures to make it harder for governments to snoop on Wikipedia users. However, it did not specify any deadlines for the additional security measures.

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