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16 Aug, 2013

British Museum confirms identity of stolen Egyptian artefact – Ahram Online

In 2011, the British Museum identified four relief fragments as stolen. These came from the mortuary temple of Amenhotep III, but that theft had occurred back in the 1980s. Except these six objects, no other stolen objects have come to the attention of the museum experts since the 2011 revolution.

“I have little doubt, though, that more stolen pieces are circulating, but they simply cannot be detected if no one reported them as missing – and no report is complete without photographs,” Marée concludes. He and his colleagues advise the Egyptian authorities to notify the ALR and the Egyptology community all over the world of any stolen objects.

“If, in Egypt, those charged with the protection of monuments and storerooms fail to notice and report a theft, it is usually impossible for auctioneers and Egyptologists to know if some piece on the market was stolen, especially since so much of Egypt’s heritage has yet to be published.

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