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31 Jul, 2013

What Martin Indyk’s appointment as US special envoy tells us – Al Jazeera

There is a sense that Kerry is sincere in seeking to broker a solution to the conflict, yet this way of proceeding does not raise hopes. Perhaps, there was no viable alternative. Israel would not come even to negotiate negotiations without being reassured in advance by an Indyk-like appointment. And if Israel had signalled its disapproval, Washington would be paralysed.

The only remaining question is why the Palestinian Authority goes along so meekly. What is there to gain in such a setting? Having accepted the Washington auspices, why could they not have demanded, at least, a more neutral or balanced negotiating envoy? I fear the answer to such questions is “blowin’ in the wind”.

And so we can expect to witness yet another charade falsely advertised as “the peace process”. Such a diversion is costly for the Palestinians and beneficial for the Israelis. Settlement expansion and associated projects will continue, the occupation with all its rigours and humiliations will continue, and the prospects for a unified Palestinian leadership will be put on indefinite hold. Not a pretty picture.

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