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26 Jul, 2013

UK Students Now Take over £2,000 Worth of Gadgets and Possessions to University


WASHINGTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–July 24, 2013 – Research released by Endsleigh, the student gadget insurance provider, shows that the average student now takes over £2000 worth of possessions to university, with high tech gadgets proving to be the most popular by far.

Endsleigh’s 2013 Student Survey, which was carried out by the National Union of Students, surveyed a sample of 1704 students across the UK and found that the average value of a student’s possessions was £2,266. Various portable gadgets proved to be the most popular possessions among students; with laptops/net books being the most common item (96% of students own one). A close second, nearly 90% of students own a smartphone (compared with 80% last year), with iPhones proving to be the most in-demand (40% of students now use one), followed by Android phones (35%) and BlackBerry (14%).

Additionally, with almost one in four students now owning an iPad (up 147% on last year), students are increasingly adopting the latest portable technology, which allows them to both work and play on the move.

Alongside the growth in ownership, Endsleigh (http://www.endsleigh.co.uk/) found that students are now investing far more in digital files for their devices, with the average student possessing £715 worth of digital music (up 85% on 2012) and over £200 on online journals and textbooks – reflecting the multiple uses of their devices. However, students are still using apps on their devices more for social than work purposes, with the most commonly used apps being: Facebook (89%), YouTube (81%), Google Maps (70%) and Twitter (49%).

As gadgets have become smaller and more integrated, Endsleigh’s research found a decline in students taking bulkier technology to university, with only 20% of students now owning a separate TV (down 17% on 2012), only 17% of students owning stereo equipment (down 22% on 2012) and only 12% of students seeing the need for a games console (down 24% on 2012).

Sara Newell, Manager of Student Markets at Endsleigh, says: “Our research shows that, as technology improves and gadgets become more and more multi-functional, students are relying on just a few portable devices both for work and play. From listening to music, watching films and taking photos, to using these gadgets for reading text books digitally, or making lecture notes, these high-tech devices have become an everyday part of student life.

“That’s why it’s so important that students take care of these expensive items, especially when they’re out and about, and have insurance specifically tailored to their needs. We’d always encourage students not to leave it to chance, or even assume they’re covered by their parents’ policy, as these policies won’t necessarily insure you for loss outside of your room, or for accidental damage, and may have other exceptions hidden in the small print as well.”

Students looking for advice about university can visit the Hub (http://hub.endsleigh.co.uk/)- Endsleigh’s go-to guide for preparing, studying and leaving university, written by students, graduates and industry experts.

Endsleigh’s top tips to help students keep their possessions safe:

  • Ensure that you check the security of your accommodation when you arrive and raise any safety concerns with the landlord/halls of residence immediately
  • Always make sure the doors and windows to your room/flat are locked when you leave
  • Make sure valuables are not left in full view if leaving them unattended any length of time
  • Try not to draw attention to valuable possessions when walking around the town or campus
  • Ensure you are covered by contents insurance that is specially tailored to students’ needs


The survey was conducted online during April/May 2013 and surveyed 1704 representative university students.

Endsleigh is the trusted brand for student insurance, and the only insurance provider recommended by NUS (http://www.nus.org.uk/).

Endsleigh is an independent intermediary specialising in the provision of insurance and financial products for career people.