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17 Jul, 2013

Tips to Safeguard Against Ruining the Summer Vacation


San Diego, California (PRWEB) July 16, 2013 – Now that many U.S. families are about to take their 2013 summer vacation, American Travel Suppliers has released a set of travel tips for families to follow to help them have a safe vacation. These suggestions include things like how to insure important documents are never lost, how to avoid losing luggage and personal belongings, and how to prevent being the targets of pickpockets.

  • One of a traveler’s biggest nightmares is losing the important travel papers that may prevent them from leaving or entering another country. If passports or other forms of identification need to be brought along on vacation, travelers can scan those documents, upload them, and then email them to a family email account. If the items are misplaced while traveling, they can easily be retrieved through the email account they were mailed to.
  • Another big apprehension travelers have is the fear of losing their belongings while traveling. While eating at restaurants, travelers should not place anything out of reach. Women should keep their purses in their lap when possible, and men should keep cell phones and wallets in their front pockets at all times. At the airport, even heavy suitcases are not totally safe on their own. Never leave luggage unattended. A thief who makes off with luggage not only gets a person’s personal belongings, but they also may gain access to financial accounts if there were cell phones or laptops included within the luggage. Travelers should only take what they absolutely need to, when on vacation.
  • Some families on vacation enjoy dressing up for a nice dinner at a fancy restaurant. While travelers have every right to dress how they wish, it is wise to avoid wearing much, if any, jewelry. A traveler walking through a crowd who is wearing lots of jewelry is an easy target for a thief. Men should also avoid keeping their wallets in back pockets, and women always should keep their purses firmly held in front of themselves. As previously mentioned, it is advised to leave items at home, unless absolutely critical to one’s enjoyment while on vacation.
  • One final suggestion for families about to head out on a summer vacation is to avoid blindly venturing into a foreign city. While renting motor scooters or bikes might sound like a great idea at first, in an unfamiliar area, things can quickly take a turn for the worse if someone gets lost or injured. Sticking with legitimate tour groups is a great way to explore a city and stay safe at the same time.

By following these tips, families are doing a great deal in preventing a vacation-ruining experience.

Courtesy: American Travel Suppliers: http://www.americantravelsuppliers.com