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10 Jul, 2013

Seven Things Really Beautiful People JUST DO

Bethany Londyn, CEO of ShopAddiKt

Portland, OR (PRWEB) July 09, 2013 – First lets discuss the definition of Beautiful: According to Merriam-Webster: 1- Pleasing the senses or mind aesthetically 2- Of a very high standard; excellent. So based on this definition, obviously beauty is in the eyes or senses of the beholder as it come in various forms for every individual, but this can gives you a foot in the right direction.

1 –  Body: They have accepted their body, sure you can always work on it, and you can have insecurities about what others think, but someone that didn’t know you and your body 10+ years ago has absolutely NO judgments towards you and your body now… it’s all in your head!

2 –  Reflection: They love themselves, not in an egoistic manner, but someone who feels beautiful has no fear looking at their reflection and saying “I Love You”. So many have trouble stating this, because of past experiences, and it is something to constantly work on.

3 –  Confidence:  A beautiful person walks around with confidence, and just “owns it”. They own themselves, they know what they have to offer, and others look at them with envy…. For some it may take some counseling to get to a point of owning yourself, or maybe it just has to do with that outfit of the day, and feeling good in it before you walk out the door.

4-  Skin: Not going to lie, many beautiful people have flawless skin. Sure wrinkles are part of aging, and wrinkles can be beautiful, but we’re talking acne, rashes, etc that can usually be traced back to not taking care of yourself. If you eat junk, it just usually tends to come out in your biggest organ… the skin. That’s why they say fuel yourself with “Premium Gas”, in other words… eat natural organic fruits & veggies, grass fed beef, etc. Not all the processed stuff like chips, candy, & soda. Simple.

5-  Relaxation: They know how to de-stress. Whether it is a relaxing bath at night, taking a walk in nature to connect with the elements, yoga/meditation, or going to a “happy place” by remembering their best and happiest moments. Of course sleep is also essential! Bottom line is a beautiful person knows how to stay cool, calm, and collected.

6-  Faith/Spirituality: Beautiful people tend to believe in something greater. It could be God or The Universe, or another Higher Power. Believing in something brings peace & triggers a cause for the greater good, which leads to the next one…

7-  Love of Humanity: Doing good for others. It’s about being selfless – Beautiful people help others; they volunteer, do random acts of kindness, & help others to smile. Pay it forward, and make someone’s day, you will in turn most definitely feel amazing inside.

Beautiful people embody an err of confidence, yet compassion for others which not only makes them feel beautiful on the inside, but also exude the energy and electricity that others want to plug into.

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