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11 Jul, 2013

Prof Mazin Qumsiyeh: People of the West Must Stop Backing their Governments’ “Sick Games”

Citizens of Western Countries must demand that their governments stop supporting this sick game of divide and conquer that also fosters Christian, Islamic and Jewish fanaticism. Long-term, there will be separation of religion from state politics whether in Palestine Israel as a “Jewish state” or in Egypt or elsewhere. We will have our own renaissance. But for now, perhaps it is important that all forces left, Islamic etc. to join hands against the real enemy and gain true sovereignty of our countries.

It has been nearly a hundred years since the Sykes-Picot agreement 1916 and the Balfour Declaration 1917. Is it not time to end the mayhem that they generated? This will give us space for then arguing and pushing for whatever form of government people choose. In that case, diversity of ideas will be an asset not a hindrance. This will give us space and substance for natural evolution.

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