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31 Jul, 2013

How digital photography is ruining travelling – Sydney Morning Herald

As a group, we travellers have become obsessed with taking photos when we’re away, with recording every moment on film. It used to be that the Japanese were made fun of for their compulsion to take photos, but the rest of us have caught up.

Digital photography has a lot to answer, its ease and relative cheapness opening up the camera obsession to the wider populace. You don’t have to be an expert anymore, or even an enthusiast, you just need a spare hundred bucks or so and a big memory card.

And there are so many ways to share the results. You don’t have to persuade friends to come over to your house for a slide night in order to bore them senseless with your holiday snaps. All you have to do now is post the pics on Facebook and wait for the likes to pile in. Or upload them to Flickr and have them judged. Or alter them with Instagram and bomb your friends’ feeds. Remember, a picture is worth a thousand boasts.

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