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4 Jul, 2013

FREE Download: School Course Modules on Peace & Tourism

The Institute for Economics and Peace does not only produce the annual Global Peace Index. It has an entire school course called the “Building Blocks of Peace”, including lesson plans and activities designed for 14 -16 year olds. One of the four modules is specifically on peace and tourism. Available for free download from the website, the entire package is designed to challenge students “to think critically about what peace is and involving them in finding non-violent solutions to conflict.”

Says the website, “By becoming knowledgeable about peace, young people will be better prepared to help shape a better future for humanity. Four modules challenge students to take a closer look at what peace means around the world, and challenge them to find solutions to violence and end conflict throughout their lives.”

The modules can be adapted to address a wider range of grade levels, and cover a range of curriculum areas. Each module takes a “thematic” approach:

<> An Understanding of Peace – explores the notion of peace as more than simply the absence of war and examines the factors that influence a quest for peace.

<> Peace and Sustainability – helps students understand the impact of peace on global sustainability, with a focus on water access and management.

<> Education and Peace – examines what “drives” peace, focusing on the role education plays toward a country’s peacefulness.

<> Economics and Peace – investigates the benefits of peace to business and the economy through an exploration of the tourism and retail industries.

Each module contains lesson plans to stimulate and challenge the students and support them in developing an understanding of how peace impacts their lives. The fourth module is very specifically designed to challenge the students to think about the relationship between peace and business, recognizing the economic and social benefits of peace, with a focus on tourism and retail. It offers a readymade template which can be adapted to suit any circumstance.

Registration is required but downloads are free. Click here.