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19 Jul, 2013

Detention Watch Releases Infographic Revealing “Ugly Truth” About U.S. Immigration Detention


WASHINGTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)– July 17, 2013  – “Detention: The Whole Truth,” an infographic series today released by Detention Watch Network illustrates the shockingly unjust and inhumane system detained immigrants face in the United States. The three-part series reveals an immigration system fraught with bed quotas, denied due process, deplorable conditions, and a billion-dollar private prison industry that stands to benefit.

As the immigration reform debate moves forward, the infographic provides key information directly from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and Department of Homeland Security critical to understanding our country’s unjust mandatory detention policies and practices, and highlights:

  • Mandatory detention laws that take away Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) ability to release immigrants and judges’ power to review individual cases
  • Quota system requiring 34,000 immigrants be locked up every day
  • How detaining immigrants is a billion-dollar industry for private prisons
  • Community based alternatives to detention that are effective and significantly cheaper

Detention: The Whole Truth shows in a snapshot why our country’s leadership needs to put an end to mandatory detention,” said Andrea Black, Executive Director at Detention Watch Network. “We encourage everyone to share it far and wide through their social networks. Education is the only way we will move the needle toward a repeal of the mandatory detention laws and restore discretion over custody of detained immigrants. We hope that once people understand the ugly reality of detention they will join us in calling for an end to this inhumane and wasteful practice.”

Notable Links:

Infographic: http://detentionwatchnetwork.wordpress.com/2013/07/16/infographic-the-whole-truth-about-immigration-detention/

History of immigration detention: http://www.detentionwatchnetwork.org/node/2381

News: http://www.detentionwatchnetwork.org/news

Take Action: http://www.detentionwatchnetwork.org/action

The Detention Watch Network works through the collective strength and diversity of its members to expose and challenge the injustices of the U.S. immigration detention and deportation system and advocate for profound change that promotes the rights and dignity of all persons.