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30 Jul, 2013

Commentary: Lessons for Indonesia from Egypt | The Jakarta Post

Egyptians can forget about freedom and democracy now. The military, very much back in the saddle after it ousted president Mohamed Mursi this month, is fighting his Muslim Brotherhood party, the winner of Egypt’s first post-Mubarak elections, in the streets.

Egypt could have been Indonesia, so many people would argue. But the reverse is also actually true: Indonesia could have been Egypt.

In fact, Indonesia could still go the Egyptian way. Indonesia has some of the ingredients that have turned Egypt upside down, just as Egypt has some of the elements that brought democracy to Indonesia.

If Indonesia is not careful, it could revert to military rule or an equally autocratic Islamist rule. Worse still, Indonesia could see a civil war between the two groups contesting power, neither of which believes in democracy except in name.

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