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9 Jul, 2013

Alexander Reed Kelly: Truthdiggers of the Week: NSA Protesters

The current administration acts as though it is against the principles upon which the nation was founded. And one asks: Where’s the outrage?

This Fourth of July it was in the streets of more than 100 American cities. Hundreds, possibly thousands of people took part in a nationwide rally against the government’s policy of domestic spying in a campaign called Restore the Fourth. The Verge called the event “the internet’s biggest rally since SOPA,” referring to a bill introduced in 2011 that would create a means to blacklist websites. Roughly 800 demonstrators turned up in New York City, while 300 gathered in San Francisco. California protesters began at the offices of Sen. Dianne Feinstein, a vocal supporter of the National Security Agency’s massive, recently exposed dragnet spying program, and ended at the AT&T switching facility where the NSA installed routing equipment that facilitated much of its surveillance. Demonstrators in New York carried signs and cardboard sculptures mocked up to look like surveillance equipment.

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