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21 Jun, 2013

PressTV – US taxpayers pay for apartheid Israel regime

As US Secretary of State John Kerry attempts to put his particular spin on resolving the generations-old crisis of Israeli oppression of the Palestinians, he has travelled to the World Economic Forum.

There he waved the possibility of USD 4 billion investments in the Palestinian economy, from a worldwide conglomerate of investors, over a period of three years. Of course, he hasn’t specified who these investors would be. It was reported that “… Kerry did not identify specific companies with plans to set up shop in the West Bank or how he hoped to remove obstacles to Palestinian commerce.”

The US government in 2013 will give Israel over USD 3.15 billion, an increase over the billions it gave Israel last year. Yet the US doesn’t ever seem to have any problem determining where that money comes from: the US taxpayer has for decades been funding the apartheid Israeli regime.

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