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22 Jun, 2013

Congress on Traditional Asian Medicine to Be Held in Korea, September 2013


SEOUL, South Korea–(BUSINESS WIRE)–June 21, 2013 – The 8th ICTAM Organizing Committee — in recent years interest for traditional medicine has been growing within academia. Traditional medicine includes Korean medicine, Chinese medicine, Indian medicine, Chiropractic and Homeopathy. Knowledge exchange in various traditional medicine fields has been actively done for decades, which also triggered a new plan for a symposium held in Korea about traditional medicine.

The 8th ICTAM (International Congress on Traditional Asian Medicine) hosted by IASTAM (International Association for the Study of Traditional Asian Medicine) will be held at Samsung Sancheong HRD Center from September 9 to 13 of 2013 in Korea.

IASTAM is an international organization promoting research and studies on traditional Asian medicines while respecting individual traditional medicine and the local characteristics of each Asian nation. Since the first international convention in Canberra of Australia in 1979, it has successfully held symposiums in a slew of nations such as Indonesia, India, Japan, Germany, America and Bhutan.

South Korea was chosen as a host country for the 8th ICTAM, which is broadly thanks to Korea’s Donguibogam that was registered as an UNESCO World Documentary Heritage. The event will be held along with ‘World Traditional Medicine Fair and Festival in Sancheong, KOREA 2013’ commemorating the 400th year since the first publication of Donguibogam.

With the title ‘Beyond integration: Reflections on Asian medicines in the 21st century’, the symposium will feature academic events, exhibitions and official tours to Sancheong Fair and Festival. The event will be a good opportunity to closely look into the current integrative medicine zeal of the world and to discuss the essence and superiority of traditional medicine of each Asian nation.

The 8th ICTAM will include a clinical demonstration session in which traditional medicine clinicians from Korea and other nations will present clinical demonstrations. There will also be a post-conference optional program of tours to Korean Medicine clinics for clinicians and researchers from other nations.

Renowned scholars participating in the event include Volker Scheid who is the president of IASTAM, Asaf Goldschmidt, Florence Bretelle-Establet, Judith Farquhar, Marta Hanson, Narendra Bhatt, and Pei Shengji. Application for participation is available on ICTAM’s official webpage. (www.iastam.org)