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17 Jun, 2013

Asia Times Online: When will the dirty wars end?

Director Rick Rowley and journalist Jeremy Scahill’s much talked about docu-thriller Dirty Wars: The World Is a Battlefield opened on June 7 to strong positive reviews. A companion piece to Scahill’s book of the same name, Dirty Wars details the growing use of extrajudicial assassinations by the US executive branch to strike at targets around the planet, without any declaration of war or meaningful congressional oversight. And it documents the human toll of such unchecked power by featuring some of the innocent victims of this global war.

The film is anchored by several key stories that will be quite familiar to regular Democracy Now! viewers and followers of Scahill’s reporting, though in the movie each episode is presented in extended, intimate detail. We meet surviving family members and see on-the-ground footage that conveys a sense of place amidst scenes that are often, by turns, touching or grisly.

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