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16 May, 2013

Don’t Expand the War on Terror – NYTimes.com

One of the most troubling consequences of an open-ended authorization to use force is that it might actually undercut intelligence gathering. Already, key allies are nervous about sharing intelligence with the United States because it might be used in drone strikes; Germany, in fact, restricted information sharing as a result. These concerns would most likely grow if the list of potential targets was expanded. Meanwhile, numerous experts, like the former director of national intelligence, Dennis Blair, warn of the world’s increasing resentment of our use of force, especially targeted killings.

Driving much of this debate is the fear that the 2001 authorization may soon be stretched in ways that cannot be justified. The Obama administration has interpreted the resolution as covering not just Al Qaeda and the Taliban, but also their so-called associated forces. There has never been any clarity as to which groups fit within this term.

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