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4 May, 2013

Asia Times Online: Irrational rhetoric fuels illegal wars – Ramzy Baroud

During a talk sponsored by the New American Foundation in March 2008, author Parag Khanna addressed the rising challenges facing the US’s global hegemony. According to Khanna, China and the European Union are the new contenders with the battlefield being a global “geopolitical marketplace”.

One remark particularly puzzled this author greatly. “Why am I talking about Europe, China, and the United States? What about Russia, what about India, what about Islam ..what about all those other powers?”

This must be an error? The speaker must surely realize that Islam is a religion, not a political entity with a definable “geopolitical marketplace”. But it was not an error, or more accurately, it was a deliberate error. Khanna went on to explain that Islam doesn’t have “that kind of coherence” that allows it to spread its power and influence, unlike the dominant other powers which he highlighted. According to that odd logic, Islam and Brazil were discussed in a similar context.

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