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24 Feb, 2013

The definition of chutzpah – James Zogby in Al-Ahram Weekly

James Zogby

I can agree with a few of Keyes’s observations in the passages cited above. “Palestinian human rights… are the key to the peace process” and “Human rights, often seen as a diversion from the peace process, are in fact the secret to it.” Oh yes, and by the way, I agree with his argument that economic and military aid should be linked to human rights performance. But I would insist that this mandate should, of course, be applied to Israel as well. To suggest that Israel be exempt and not held to account for its abuses of the human rights of a people it holds captive is the definition of “chutzpah”. However, I am not holding my breath for either AHR or, for that matter, the US Congress to measure human rights by one yardstick.

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