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25 Feb, 2013

Iraq War Vet Turns Headhunting Business Model on its Head


Hackensack, New Jersey (PRWEB) February 25, 2013 – Anyone that has ever searched for a job knows how uncomfortable it is to get to the bottom of a cover letter and write about salary expectations. As soon as the job seeker decides to play this different version of the Price is Right game, the chance of getting the job with a good salary package is gone.

Entering into a working agreement between an employer and an employee should be equally beneficial to both parties; it should be balanced and fair to all. Robert Reyes, the founder of Mister Headhunter, believes this will be the case when the script is flipped and employers are the ones being forced to talk salary first.

Every job is not the same just like every employee is very different from the next. Some jobs are more demanding than others and some employees are more capable and experienced than their peers. So why have them bid for the job by having them state their salary expectations?

Answer: Because the employer always win!

Mister Headhunter, the free job portal, disrupts this practice. Employers must first bid on the potential employee and take things from there. If an organization is interested in any individual profile within the job portal they must send a message that includes a preliminary salary offer. If this individual finds this offer fair, he can accept the message and the job portal will release his contact details to the employer so that they may take things further.

But this is just one tiny feature of Mister Headhunter. Every profile has a worth, which is the current salary from that particular individual. The employers can only send offers that are higher than the salary figure displayed on member profiles.

Another key feature that benefits employers is the ability the job portal has in prescreening applicants. Not just anyone can apply for a job posted on Mister Headhunter; the applicant must be a match in certain criteria such as skills and location. This will save HR staff countless hours since they will only be viewing suitable matches for their vacancies.

Robert, the founder of Mister Headhunter, is an Iraq War Veteran that was wounded in the battle for Karbala on May 2004. He is determined to build the world’s most efficient free job portal, http://www.mistereadhunter.com.

There is an ongoing crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to help support future developments of Mister Headhunter.