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3 Dec, 2012

Saudi female blogger: Why don’t men cover their faces?

My cousin and I are staring outside the window. We are looking at the garden where my male cousin and his friends are playing. This is the garden where we used to play together. They used to be our friends once upon a time, these are the boys we used to play with. But what happened? Why are we prisoners at home, while they play ball outside with all freedom? What did we do? Did we grow older? Did our bodies change? Did we become an object of temptation that needs to be covered from people’s eyes? Aren’t those the boys we knew since we were children? What changed? Why are we strangers? Why do I run and hide whenever I hear one of their voices? Is it just because the pitch of his voice changed? Is that why we aren’t friends anymore? Are we supposed to act differently towards one another? Different to how we acted just yesterday? We started to act shy and anxious whenever we’d speak and we stopped playing with one another. My cousin and I began spending our spare time watching Mexican soap operas, as if we were in our 50s.

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