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6 Dec, 2012

Advice Website Cites Three Most Common Travel Scams


(PRWEB) December 05, 2012 – A2Z Vacations offers tips and advice to help its members make the most of their experiences throughout the year. This time of the year can be especially difficult. As top destinations fill with tourists from around the world, they also fill with less than honest people out to take advantage of these unwary tourists as well. Travel scams can happen any time of the year however, during the busier times, it can become an even larger problem. A2Z Vacations would like to help its members become more knowledgeable this holiday season by offering a look at some of the most common travel scams and how to avoid them.

The first scam which travelers may encounter is the taxi scam. encourages its members to be wary of what taxis they choose and be sure that they are certified taxi cabs. Many issues may arise in regards to taxi scams including common scams such as overcharging, driving out of the way or more dangerous issues including theft and assault. A2Z Vacations warns travelers to be wary of unmarked cabs, do not use them. In addition, travelers should be aware of the standard fare charged by the cab and agree on a price before agreeing to a ride.

Another common scam A2Z Vacations would like members to be aware of is the distraction thief. This can happen anywhere there are large crowds including subways, trains, buses or even crowded town areas as well. A thief working with another thief will distract a traveler by losing something, talking or making a commotion. While this is happening, the other scam artist will be walking through the crowd picking pockets and stealing money and items from unwary travelers. A2Z Vacations advises travelers to try to avoid being distracted in crowded settings such as these. In addition, travelers should consider keeping valuables in less the obvious places to further avoid becoming a victim of this type of scam as well.

One last scam that A2Z Vacations would encourage members and other travelers to watch for this holiday season is free wifi scams. These are becoming even more common in airports around the country. Most travelers are aware that there is access to free WiFi almost everywhere however, many of these free hot spots are unsecured and sometimes are just a rouse by a scammer out to get your credit card information. A2Z Vacations advises members to be cautious of which WiFi they choose and encourages all travelers to be wary of what information is sent out over unsecured lines.

During this holiday season, do not become a victim. A2Z Vacations encourages all travelers to stay aware of their surroundings and protect themselves from becoming a target of a travel scam.

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