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3 Oct, 2012

8 In 10 Jobseekers Search For Jobs Whilst At Work – Research


(PRWEB UK) 2 October 2012 – Job hunting can be a time consuming process and those that work full time may find it difficult to give finding a new position the full attention that it is required. The research finding such a high number of jobseekers searching for jobs whilst they are at work does prove that candidates are short on time and try to do as much job hunting as possible.

However, the high numbers using their work time to search for jobs is not a good thing, the lower levels of productivity and distraction at work will lead to poor work performance and in addition balancing job hunting with work does mean that many jobseekers aren’t giving their full attention and the required time to their job search.

It has been reported by recruiters that a tailored CV and cover letter which addresses the specifications in the job description and highlights the benefits a candidate would bring to the job and requirements that they would meet will always be more successful in creating a first impression than a generic CV and cover letter which is vague and obviously used to apply to multiple positions.

The research which was conducted through client discussions at the Virtual Career Consultant website found that out of those 8 in 10 completing job applications during working hours a significant majority did so during actual working hours rather than simply lunch breaks.

The general nature of a job search being conducted in this way means that they candidates are not having enough time to complete the necessary research required in order to make a fully tailored CV and this is of course what creates the ultimate first impression needed to set them apart from all of the other CVs a recruiter will receive. With a typical job position getting between 40 and 50 applications on average and job vacancies closing early due to high response rates it is essential that a high level of care and attention is given to every application.

In order to address the ever so common issue which is now occurring the Virtual Career Consultant website has launched services which takes away all the stress and effort required for the job hunting process and manages it from start to finish.

The Full Service Job Search comes in a range of options but primarily consists of a consultation, job search, creation of the all important CVs and cover letters and of course the applications to relevant jobs which suit the skill set and experience which is offered by the candidate. Dedicated care and attention to each job application leads to higher levels of success which has already been seen through several success stories from Virtual Career Consultant clients who, in a matter of weeks after taking up the service have received job offers!