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4 Sep, 2012

How World Opinion is Kidnapped by West’s “Int’l Community” Rhetoric

People's Daily Online

September 01, 2012  – Since the Industrial Revolution in Britain, the self-centered way of thinking that long formed in Western powers has been swelling with the constantly consolidated powers. One of the performances is that some Western politicians often make improper comments in the name of “international community” when they talk about the international affairs or in the Western media reports. In their eyes, they are the “international community.”

For example, the European and American media including the French media often make speeches on behalf of the international community, suggesting implementing more stringent sanctions on the Syrian authority, and criticize Russia and China who have a different stance on the Syrian issue in the name of “international community” for their “running counter to the international community” and “failing to join them to manage the world.” In their opinion, China and Russia which have a population of over 1 billion are not included in the “international community.”

Moreover, Western media always criticize and attack China in the name of “international community.” The author of the article has worked in Europe for more than 20 years and can often see and hear how the Western media accuse, distort and even demonize China for no reason. They criticize any things that they think “offending, untrue and disobedient” in the name of “international community.”

As what a very popular word in France has said, “It does not need to consider the facts and justices to criticize China because it is the ‘right politics’ to do so.” Due to such misleading opinions, many innocent Westerners began misunderstanding China and giving birth to a bias against the state, regarding it “an oddity in international community”. Thereby, some people certainly will get anxious and question about the rapid development of China.

Now, the Western media dominates the international opinion, so the phenomenon of deceiving and misleading the world public opinion in the name of “international community” may have to continue for some time and is difficult to be corrected. Therefore, we must keep a clear mind about the “international community” quoted by Western media and distinguish the true “international community” from the false one.