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12 Aug, 2012

Vanuatu gives market power to small cocoa farmers – ABC Radio Australia

Andreas Lombardozzi, Managing Director, African Pacific Vanuatu Ltd: Even in terms of some fair trade certification, once that grower is certified under that relationship he doesn’t own that, he doesn’t have that data at hand, and so it is very difficult for him to say ‘Oh I’ve got Fair Trade but I want to sell to Rainforest Alliance or another certification group’. He can’t do that. But in terms of our new system, when they own the certification themselves, because they have presented themselves as the owner of the data then you can start creating competition between the certification bodies and I think that is the new way we can drive down the costs, you know, reduce the burden of certification away from the grower. The grower in the past has carried the burden of certification and that’s not necessarily fair. Under this new system it is the certification bodies that will have to compete to get the grower’s product.

via Vanuatu gives market power to small cocoa farmers | Pacific Beat | ABC Radio Australia.