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18 Aug, 2012

‘Theatrical On Demand’ democratizes film distribution in the US — RT

Web-based service Gathr has been called the “love child of Netflix and Kickstarter”. It democratizes theatrical distribution by allowing film fans to organize a theatrical screening of a movie virtually anywhere in the US. It works for classics, independent features, niche films, cause-driven documentaries and even foreign movies that are of interest exclusively within the ethnic communities.

“The major challenge is that traditional theatrical distribution is a one-size-fits-all model,” Scott Glosserman, Gathr founder and CEO told RT. “It’s an archaic top-down model that is not able to serve movies that only appeal to limited audiences because the cost of entry is the same for a theatrical release whether it is Spiderman or whether it’s a small independent feature.”

via ‘Theatrical On Demand’ democratizes film distribution in the US — RT.