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29 Aug, 2012

NY Stock Exchange CEO Report Urges Less Regulation, Reduced Debt, Lower Taxes


NEW YORK-August 28, 2012-(BUSINESS WIRE)–Global CEOs and U.S. small business owners are strongly urging political leaders and candidates for office to focus tax reform, regulation, the size of government and entitlements, and the national debt to stimulate the economy, growth and job creation, according to a newly released report from NYSE Euronext (NYX).

Among those who responded to the NYSE Euronext 2012 CEO Report, 86% of public company CEOs and 87% of U.S. small business owners expect the election and future public policy to have a significant impact on the U.S. economy, while 79% of respondents said that the election results will directly impact job creation.

The 8th annual NYSE Euronext CEO Report presents the thinking of a diverse set of business leaders on the global economy, business growth, job creation and the impact of the U.S. elections. Participants in the survey expressed their views on how the upcoming elections would impact business and economic growth, employment growth, regulation, the deficit and taxes and future public policy.

“The results of our 2012 CEO Report show that many of our listed companies as well as U.S. small business owners are concerned about tax policy, the deficit and government spending in the U.S.,” said Duncan L. Niederauer, Chief Executive Officer, NYSE Euronext. “To urge our representatives in Washington D.C. to pass comprehensive debt reform, I have joined with other national bipartisan leaders from business, government and policy on The Campaign to Fix the Debt, a non-partisan initiative that aims to enlist the American people to urge Congress and the President to pass meaningful debt reduction.”

Asked what guidance they would offer the next U.S. Administration, these global CEOs and U.S. small business owners believe efforts should be focused on reducing regulation and corporate taxes. Participants specifically expressed:

  • More than forty percent want reduced regulation;
  • Nearly forty percent want to reduce the size of government and the amount of government spending;
  • More than thirty percent want to reduce or keep corporate taxes low.

Participating Listed CEOs also shared the following advice for the next U.S. Administration:

  • “Comprehensive corporate and individual tax reform is needed and if done right will unleash a flood of available capital for deployment into the economy.”
  • “The key priorities should be to address our debt issues, our entitlement issues, and the increasing bureaucratic chokehold on our economy. Real and permanent solutions to these issues would unleash confidence in our economy and help it grow.”

Participating U.S. small business owners also provided the following advice to the next U.S. Administration:

  • “Lower taxes and regulatory costs, [develop] a consistent approach to taxes. Don’t make changes two to four times a year. Create a stable environment where it is easier to predict future employment costs and other business taxes. Understand that the businesses of any size need some ability to predict direction for several years out before they are comfortable making hiring decisions.”
  • “Easier and greater access to capital, including loans for SME, tax code simplification to reduce loopholes and increase tax payments by those who spend great resources on avoiding taxes under the current system. Continue the streamlining of government programs aimed at job creation. Have government and industries partner to create jobs in various sectors and regions.”

The 2012 NYSE Euronext CEO Report, conducted this past July by ORC International and presented in cooperation with FOX Business Network, reflects the insights of 340 CEOs from companies listed on NYSE Euronext markets from 26 countries and 285 U.S. small-business owners. Complete results of the report are available by clicking here.

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