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12 Aug, 2012

Appeal from U.S. Alternative Media: Learn the Lessons, Help Fight Right-Wing Lies


Appeal from Don Hazen, Executive Editor, AlterNet

Push Back against the Campaign Lies and Voter Suppression by the Religious Right and Radical Bully Billionaires

We Need Your Help Right Now!!

I know it is still the heat of summer, but our political future is being decided now.

The radical right, with the Koch brothers and Karl Rove raising $400 million, will dominate the presidential campaign with some ugly stuff.

Adele StanThe purveyors of hate will be out in all the key states stretching the law, suppressing the vote, and operating with the big lies.

We need to push back and fight them every step of the way. We know the corporate media won’t do it. We have learned that lesson, haven’t we?

Please make a contribution to support our crack reporter Adele Stan, who knows the innards of the radical right as well as any progressive journalist.

A small contribution — $5, $10 anything will help — so Addie and her team can bird dog the radical right in Tampa, at the GOP convention, and every step of the campaign. It will make a difference. Please support AlterNet .


Don Hazen

 Executive Editor, AlterNet

P.S. We don’t want November to come around and feel like we haven’t done all we can to stop the lies of the radical right. Can you help us with a 100% tax-deductible contribution now?