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23 Jul, 2012

U.S. Tourists Learn To Shoot “Arab-looking Terrorists” in Jewish Settlement


Hundreds of American adventure-seekers have found the latest thrill at a West Bank firing range, shooting pictures of Arab-looking targets and learning a new version of Israeli patriotism, Russian TV reported on 21 July. The company, Caliber 3, offers a two-hour “tourist course” – a lecture about anti-terrorism tactics, hand-to-hand and related combat skills, and a lesson in how to shoot.

Located in the West Bank Settlement bloc of Gush Etzion in Southern Jerusalem, where more than 340,000 Israeli settlers live, the real training camp for Israeli soldiers and bodyguards is attracting more and more tourists, giving them the real taste of an anti-terrorist operation with Arab-like mannequins posing as targets. “We came to show the kids how the Israelis protect themselves and to have a good time,” Norman Solomon, a former LA real estate agent and brainchild behind Caliber 3, said in between shots.

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Statement Issued by January 2011 Tucson Shooting Survivors And Family Members Of Victims On The Tragedy In Aurora

NEW YORK, July 22, 2012 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — As President Obama arrives in Aurora, Colorado today to meet with the families of victims of the tragic shooting, a number of survivors and family members of victims of the January 2011 shooting in Tucson, Arizona released the following statement:

“Our hearts go out to the victims and survivors of the tragic mass shooting in Aurora. Please know that all of the people of Aurora are in our minds and hearts.

There are no words to express the horror that the people of Aurora are experiencing now, or that we experienced on January 8, 2011. But words are not enough. We need our elected officials to take action to fix our nation’s broken gun laws to keep guns out of the wrong hands. That’s why our group of survivors of the Tucson shooting are working hard to encourage our elected officials to take action. Some of us are gun owners and hunters ourselves, and we know that this can be done while still protecting the rights of lawful gun owners.

In fact, it’s been 16 months since President Obama boldly outlined his plan to do just that. But since then, it appears that no action has been taken to implement the President’s plan. We look forward to meeting with Attorney General Eric Holder in the near future to discuss how we can work together to fix our gun background check system.

We call on President Obama and Mitt Romney, and all elected officials and candidates for office to pledge to join us in working to fix our gun laws and help stop the tragic toll that gun violence has on communities across the country. They can honor the memory of the victims of Tucson, Aurora, Virginia Tech, and the 34 other Americans that are murdered with guns every day by taking action. Their actions would save lives, maybe the life of someone they love. We have a simple question for our nation’s leaders: How much more pain, how much more sorrow, and how many more murders with guns must we suffer before we do something about it?”

This statement can be attributed to the following Tucson survivors and family members of victims:

Dr. David Bowman, Tucson survivor

Nancy Bowman, Tucson survivor

Ken Dorushka, wounded in Tucson shooting

Carol Dorushka, Tucson survivor

Roxanna Green, mother of victim Christina-Taylor Green

Pat Maisch, Tucson survivor

Angela Robinson, daughter of victim Dorwan Stoddard

Faith Salzgeber, Tucson survivor

Roger Salzgeber, Tucson survivor

Pam Simon, wounded in Tucson shooting

Mavy Stoddard, wounded in Tucson shooting and wife of victim Dorwan Stoddard

“America Is Safer Since 9/11” – Senator Dianne Feinstein

WASHINGTON, July 20, 2012 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Dianne Feinstein (D, Ca), Chairman, Senate Select Committee On Intelligence, will deliver a major address on America and the World’s Intelligence and Security Issues during a Distinguished Speaker Series program hosted by the World Affairs Council-Washington, DC.

Mr. Wes Bush, Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, And President Of Northrop Grumman Corporation, will deliver brief remarks and introduce Senator Feinstein.

Mr. John Walcott, National Security Team Leader Of Bloomberg News Washington Bureau, will moderate questions and answers following Senator Feinstein’s remarks. On behalf of the Council, Mr. Bush and Ms. Edie Fraser, Senior Consultant to Diversified Search – Washington, DC will honor Senator Feinstein with the Council’s International Public Service Award in recognition of the Senator’s exemplary “Distinguished National Intelligence and Security Leadership”.

A business lunch will precede Senator Feinstein’s address and the award program. The Council will host this event on Monday, July 23, 2012 commencing at 12:00pm, at the National Press Club (Grand Ballroom, 13th floor), located at 529 14th Street, N.W. Washington, DC 20045.

Senator Feinstein stated: “As Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, I’m often asked: ‘Are we safer since 9/11?’ The answer is yes. Our 16 different intelligence agencies have made strong progress. Stovepipes are down, intelligence is streamlined between departments, and we have better analysis. We have a Director of National Intelligence, a National Counterterrorism Center and an intelligence division at the FBI dedicated to preventing terrorism before it happens. This has made a real difference and saved lives. The Senate Intelligence Committee has greatly strengthened our oversight as well. The committee operates in a bipartisan manner, and we work closely with our colleagues in the House. Despite these improvements, we cannot let our guard down. There are individuals around the world who will attack the United States if they can. In order to prevent terrorism, we need reliable intelligence and vigilance from our intelligence community.”

“Northrop Grumman is pleased to support activities of the World Affairs Council and we commend its work in promoting global education and international affairs,” said Wes Bush, Northrop Grumman chairman, CEO and president. “We look forward to the honor of introducing US Senator Dianne Feinstein at the Council’s National Press Club event.”